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Mon, Nov. 16th, 2009, 06:01 pm
Lovely Things.

I have gawked at Lolita clothing for years. The prices have pained me but the lace entranced me. So eventually (despite mother telling me i shouldn't dress like a little girl) I got some money for my birthday somehow and bought a few things. My collection now is SO small. A few offbrand things,socks from target, thrift store pieces. I did get my hands on some slightly less offbrand items. A retroscope OP and a bodyline skirt. My favorite is the corset i bought from listerinepree. But It's definitly not much. However these few things make me so happy when i piece them together. I feel giddy! Like i've really accomplished something, when i put on multiple skirts to achieve the "illusion" of wearing a petticoat. It has always been my favorite hobby, to make something out of nothing. But i think if I am committed, I may not have too. Once i turn 16 the game of finding clothes will be much easier because I can get a job then. Until then though, I am just saying, I'm very very happy with the small bits of beauty I can now find in my closet.